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Put your Yorkie on a non-slip surface at your waist or chest level. It is easiest to trim your Yorkie’s face when it is raised off of the floor. This will allow you to be eye-to-eye with is and to see the face clearly. Having the dog on a raised surface will also be easier on your body than trying to lean over during the whole cut. If you are looking for a Yorkshire terrier short hair cut, you have plenty of options, including a short and sassy Yorkie summer cut that is easy to maintain and a Yorkie kennel cut. This cut is just a hair above shaved on the torso with a little length left on the ears, face, lower legs, paws and tail. How to groom a Yorkie

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The Yorkshire Terrier has become the most popular toy breed in America and most of the world. Yorkshire Terriers are more commonly known as a Yorkie. This breed requires daily grooming to maintain its beautiful silky coat. In this article, I will explain to you step-by-step how to groom a Yorkie like a professional groomer.

Yorkie short groom. When the Yorkie is still a puppy, you should clip the hair of its ears upper part short. Since the Yorkie’s ears are really thin, the slightest weight can cause them tip forward.. And this was the most important information and the answer of the question “How to groom a Yorkie at home”. Of course, for every step there are many more. Overall Dorkie grooming needs will depend on the length of the dog's coat. Most Dorkie hybrids have longer coats, and will need quite a bit of care; short-hairs will of course need less. Some info on maintaining each coat type: Long-Haired: These will need brushing often (3-4 times per week, if not daily) with a pin brush. Go through the coat. Many Yorkie owners who keep their pup’s hair short in the puppy cut still prefer to keep the head hair long and pulled back. Your Yorkie’s “bangs” will block their vision and get tangled without care. The best way to groom your Yorkie’s head is adding a top knot which keeps the hair back from the eyes. A top knot is easy to do.

Brushing and combing Yorkie’s hair at least ones per day is a must. That way you will prevent the formatting of tangles. Of course, if the hair of your furry treasure is really short, you can do that less often or brush only the areas where the hair is longer (like the legs or head for example). Short Yorkie haircut. A short Yorkie haircut is a preferred choice for the owners who do not have the time to maintain a longer cut. They prefer spending the time they have with other activities – walking outside and playing for example instead of more time for grooming and brushing. Their coat is long (although it can be cut short). The most common color that the Yorkie Chihuahua mix has is brown and tan (with black). The tail is quite long with long hair. The hair of a pure bred Yorkshire Terrier is normally quite fine but the Chorkie’s hair is slightly courser.

In this post I am going to show you how to groom a Yorkie in a very simple low maintenance cut. Professional is best. – Disclaimer!. You can manage the clippers getting hot by taking short breaks in between clipping, or using a cooling agent like kool-lube by Oster. One quick spray of this on the blade helps to cool it down. These clippers. The Yorkshire Terrier, or “Yorkie,” is one of the most popular AKC breeds. It is at the top of our Bread & Butter client list. These long coats tend to mat and become too difficult for the average pet owner to maintain. This short and sassy trim can be adapted to any of the single-coated drop coats that we see daily in our salons. How To Groom A Yorkie Face ~ Grooming is essential for Yorkies as they are prone to have issues with their coat. It also reflects the owner’s capability when your dog is well-groomed. When you practiced the art of grooming, it is most likely to prevent any problems like any skin conditions or some lumps before they get out of hand.

Jun 12, 2017 - The Yorkshire Terrier, or “Yorkie,” is one of the most popular AKC breeds. It is at the top of our Bread & Butter client list. These long coats tend to mat and become too difficult for the average pet owner to maintain. This short and sassy trim can be adapted to any of the single-coated drop coats that we see daily in… To properly groom a Yorkshire terrier, detangle your dog’s fur every day by gently combing it with a brush made of metal bristles. If the Yorkie’s coat is dry, spritz it with a dog-friendly conditioner before your brush. When your Yorkie gets dirty, place the dog on a towel in the bathtub. The puppy cut is the most common short grooming style for Yorkshire Terriers. This cut gets its name from the style mimicking the length of the Yorkie's coat as a pup. A puppy cut on an adult Yorkie is generally 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches in length all over the body.

It cuts the hair equally on the neck, body, tail, and paws of Yorkie. If you are looking for a short Yorkshire terrier haircut, there are many choices for you, including an easy-keeping short, sassy Yorkie summer cut, and a Yorkie kennel cut. This cut is just a hair over the torso that is tapered on the head, nose, lower legs, paws and tail. A short Yorkie haircut is also more suitable for those owners who prefer to go out, play and walk instead of, for example, looking after and cleaning. If your dog plays outside quite often he won’t get dirty quickly with a shorter haircut and his coat won’t get woven into knots. Cutting a Yorkie’s face and ears is one of the harder things to do. In short you’ll do the following: Be patient – It takes some practice to get this right. Get tools. Scissors; Comb; Start simple – if you’re new just trim the bangs to keep them out of your Yorkie’s eyes. Later you can learn to cut the ears.

How to groom a Wavy Yorkie Coat: Unlike a silky coat, a wavy yorkie coat is much more dense, wavy and woolly. As such, they tend to get dirty much quicker and attract more debris from running around outside. To brush a wavy Yorkie’s coat, you will need a small, good quality brush and then gently brush towards the growing part of the coat. The Show Groom. Show grooms are long flowing coats, that are left mostly uncut and finely brushed everyday. Their coat flows past their feet and will drag slightly on the ground. These are grooms used to show your Yorkie, and follow American Kennel Club standards. Unfortunately, only those with a silk coat can achieve this look. Simply cut the hair short in a circle about an inch in diameter around the anal area. You’ll also need to wipe urine from males daily to prevent staining. Other grooming tasks. In addition to grooming your Yorkie’s coat, you also have other areas — such as her eyes, ears, nails, and teeth — that you need to attend to.

Every Yorkie needs constant grooming to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The frequency of your grooming procedures depends entirely on how long the hair is, the age and health condition of your pup. When you do proper grooming, it will essentially help your dog to live a longer and healthier life.

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