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Pisces are born between February 20th and March 20th, and belong to the Water element of the zodiac (along with Cancer and Scorpio). The Water sign brigade are ALL about feelings- they catch them. The Pisces Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life. Pisces woman qualities. The Pisces woman doesn’t seem like she’s made from the same material as others because she simply floats when walking into a room and gives the impression that she’s a priestess from ancient times. This lady is wise and many think of her as a person with an old soul.

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The Pisces Man: Overview & Personality Traits. The Pisces man has the heart of a poet and the soul of a mystic, thanks to his dreamy water sign. These Neptune-ruled visionaries love to dive deep and are never content to stay in shallow water – emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually. Small talk doesn’t interest them at all, and you’ll find that even upon meeting them for the first.

Pisces qualities female. Pisces sign - traits, horoscope, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Pisces man - information and insights on the Pisces man. Pisces horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Pisces horoscopes. Pisces compatibility - the compatibility of pisces with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. Pisces man favorite scent is an Indian known Sandalwood fragrance. He is a soft-hearted individual when it comes to the game of love. If you seem to doubt his ways, you better ask him politely. When you are referred to one item, you need to patrol his borders thoroughly. This includes the inbound temptation which seems to erupt soon. This Pisces is a feminine woman.She is affectionate and openhearted. She is docile. She has vision that is potent and brilliant. In her, men find many qualities to attract them; she is lovely to look at, she makes a man feel like a man, she can play the damsel in distress quite well, if she likes. I say "play" and "if she likes" because honestly, she is totally capable of caring or herself.

These are the qualities that make a Pisces woman highly lovable. But the coin has the other side too, so to let’s peep into the dark side of them. Pisces Woman Negative Traits 1. Temperamental: via GIPHY. The anger is always on the tip of her nose, she is a sweet human but really short temper. She can burst any moment and can cause a real cry. Also, the Pisces Woman is too soft, gentle and sensitive for the otherwise cold, aloof, and all-about-me Leo type for the relationship to even have a chance. Meanwhile, the Pisces and Pisces Woman combination rarely works since there seems to be an absence of the respect both need to feel loved and cherished. March 2 – 11 – Pisces/Cancer Decanate – this decanate makes the female Piscean very sensitive to her surroundings and especially attached to home and family. March 12 – 20 – Pisces/Scorpio Decanate – those born during this decanate tend to be a little more stubborn, they are passionate and intense, and will have career success in.

Pisces Woman: Overview & Personality Traits The Pisces woman is an otherworldly, magical being. Seeming to be not quite made of flesh and blood, there’s just something about her way of floating into a room like a mystical priestess, often clad in flowing silks. Despite their abundant positive qualities, Pisces do have flaws. Here are three of the most common negative Pisces traits. Overly Emotional. Although being so in tune with their emotions can help Pisces relate to others, their emotions can sometimes get the better of them,. Pisces are selfless, they are always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back. Pisces is a Water sign and as such this zodiac sign is characterized by empathy and expressed emotional capacity. Their ruling planet is Neptune, so Pisces are more intuitive than others and have an artistic talent.

Best Romantic Matches for Pisces Females. A Cancer or Scorpio is the best romantic love match for a Pisces woman. These two water signs have a better understanding of her mood swings and sensitivity. Another Pisces might not be a good match since the challenges Pisces faces will be doubled. The relationship could either be a great match or a. Pisces Traits. Pisces is a watery sign, concerned with subtle emotions, and secret mystical depths. They are likable and friendly but yet can be very moody and introspective as well. Pisceans are not entirely at home in this world. They are dreamy and full of imagination, emotionally sensitive and easily influenced by their environment. Pisces women believe in the simple pleasures of life. Represented by the symbol of two fishes, she does portray a certain level of duality of thoughts and actions. They are lively and could be attracted to someone who projects child-like qualities and embraces the innocence that life has to offer.

The Pisces women are mysterious and sensual individuals. They are also romantic and spiritual in nature. They are deeply emotional. Their dreams are vivid and have a deep meaning which is not easy for a person to understand. Some of their qualities are outlined below so that it can help you to understand them better. Birthday: February 19. - March 20. Planet: The ruling planet of the Pisces sign is the magical planet Neptune. Element: Water is the ruling element for the Pisces sign. Nature: The main character of the Pisces sign is melancholic. Strengths: Pisces signs are predominantly religious. Full of fantasy and create your dreams and ideals. Pisces signs tend to be more spiritually oriented and dreamed. In astrology, Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign, ruled by the planet Neptune. This means they are led by mystery and transcendence. This often explains why the Pisces zodiac sign is reluctant to.

It has a mixture of the qualities of all the other zodiacs making it quite difficult to truly understand a Pisces. He is a great organizer and pays attention to details (like Virgo), has a fair judgment (like Libra), is sympathetic and moody (like Cancer), honest and kind (like Sagittarius), loves people and attention (like Leo) and is. The Pisces woman personality could just be the most mature and sophisticated of all the zodiac signs. The Pisces sign in general sort of takes the best qualities from all the other star signs and makes them its own. Pisces women always seem to know what they are doing now and what they are going to do next. The Pisces is an extremely kind and compassionate soul that has a hell of a lot of love to give to the world.. Their open heart allows them to see the best in people and they are able to truly empathize with others no matter who they are or what their background might be. 2. Pisces have a way of bringing out the best in others.

All About Pisces – The Pisces Sign. Born February 19 – March 20. The Zodiac Birth Sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune. The Pisces symbol, featuring a pair of fish swimming head to tail in a circle is representative of life after death or reincarnation.

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