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Labrador Retriever Verified Dog Breeders in USA, Page 1 (10 per page) is your source for finding a Labrador Retriever Verified Dog Breeders in USA. Browse thru our ID Verified Dog Breeders listings to find your perfect breeder in your area. Showing: 1 - 10 of 258. dog breeders in Bangalore at best price? Then don't look any further! We are considered one of the best Dog sellers in Bangalore & best dog breeders in India because we are dedicated in producing finest dogs in India for show and for companionship. Other than having reared numerous Champions and Best in Show line up winners for more than 30 years now, and with this proceeded with energy for.

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Breeders using this website are members of The Labrador Club and have done so according to the declaration below. (Please read) From 1 June 2017 all pedigree Labrador Retriever puppies registered with Dogs NZ will have had parents health tested.

Labrador dog breeders. All Dog Breeders Labrador Retriever X Queensland X clear all 12 Labrador Retriever Breeders in QLD When researching Labrador Retriever breeders in Queensland, it is important to find out as much about them as possible to ensure that they are responsible, ethical, and have their dogs’ best interests at heart. The breeders shown are members of DOGS NSW and registered owners of purebred dogs who have chosen to be showcased in our online breeder directory. These breeders may advertise litters for sale. In providing you with their details, DOGS NSW make no representations as to the reputation of any breeder or as to the soundness or suitability of any. Labrador Silver Coat Colour Warning - The National Labrador Retriever Breed Council (Australia) has issued a position statement for the Silver (or Platinum / Charcoal) Coat Colour. The Labrador only has 3 recognised colours - (Black, Yellow and Liver/Chocolate). Download the position statement (PDF file).

I am Val Roberts. Owner and breeder of Labrador Retrievers for 33 years. I own and run a dog walking business and qualified in diploma level 4 advanced canine behaviour. I have mum and daughter Labradors Ivy and Willow who are an adored part of our family. We are breeders of Labrador Retrievers from show, hunting and field trial lines. We strive to produce puppies that will make exceptional family pets, hunting companions and competition dogs. We strive to promote the Labrador Retrievers’ original instincts, disposition, temperament, abilities, intelligence, type and conformation. Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and they’ve certainly earned their reputation—smart, loyal, obedient and adorable, Labrador Retrievers make one of the best family dogs you could ask for.

Member Dogs Vic. 3100004202, Labrador Retriever Club of Vic. and Shepparton and District Obedience Dog Club. Roscana Stardust CD RA, "Jenna", is the daughter of Sup. Ch. Driftway Aussie Rulz. She is placid, friendly with amazing retrieval drive and intelligence.Jenna was the Victorian 2013 Novice Obedience Champion. Alison Hood has been breeding dogs off and on for most of her life. She has had Labrador Retrievers since 2000. Puppies are raised in a home environment with the utmost care, love and attention. All her dogs are are treated as part of the family. The Labrador Retriever, Labrador, or Lab is a medium-large breed of retriever-gun dog. The Labrador is the most popular breed of dog in many countries around the world. A favourite disability assistance breed in many countries, Labradors are frequently trained to aid those with blindness or autism, act as a therapy dog, or perform screening and detection work for law enforcement and other.

Registered Labrador Retriever Dog Breeders in Perth . Search Results - 1 - 15 of 675. Celabration - Labrador Retriever Breeder - Perth, WA. Dogs. 13 images ** No puppies until 2021 ** We breed quality Labrador Retrievers of sound mind and body and have done so for over 20 years in Perth, Western Australia. Our Labradors have exceptional. Dog Breeders; Labrador Retriever; Our Dog Breeder directory is the ultimate source of listings for breeders in the United Kingdom. Look here to find a Labrador Retriever breeder who may have puppies for sale or a male dog available for stud service close to you. If you are looking for puppies for sale or particular stud dog in your area you can. The Labrador Retriever is a strongly built, medium-sized, short-coupled, dog possessing a sound, athletic, well-balanced conformation that enables it to function as a retrieving gun dog; the.

Labrador breed clubs will be able to put you in touch with local Labrador breeders and this is a good way to start your search. The Labrador Retriever Club keeps a directory of local and regional clubs, and a directory of breeders. Most of these clubs now have websites of their own, as do many breeders. Find the Breeder First The breeders have registered with AKC the sires, and dams and litters listed on AKC Marketplace. Individual puppies of these AKC - registered litters, therefore, are eligible to be registered with AKC, subject to compliance with existing AKC Rules, Regulations, Policies and the submission of a properly completed registration application and fee. The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. retains the unilateral right to refuse to list any breeder, whom in its opinion, has not adhered to fair and reasonable breeder practices. Contact the LRC Breeders Directory Program Coordinator in writing if you have a complaint about a breeder.

Labrador Retriever Breeders. Select your province or territory:. provides a central registry of Canadian dog breeders, handlers, trainers, groomers, and boarding kennels and does not recommend any one of these individuals over another. The purchase or sale of any purebred dog is strictly between the buyer and seller. Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale Orlando from Vetted Labrador Breeders. Find the Perfect Labrador Retriever. Get connected with vetted Labrador Retriever breeders and find the perfect Labrador Retriever puppy.. When you buy a mill dog, expect to pay an average of $5k in extra vet bills during the short life of your dog. There are a large number of Assured Breeders for Retriever (Labrador). Please select a county to narrow your search. If the county you wish to search is not listed, it means there are no Kennel Club Assured Breeders available.

Labrador Retrievers are popular and versatile sporting dogs that make wonderful family companions and top athletes. Labrador Retrievers excel at retriever field trials, where they are tested on.

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